Microtech Zombie Ultratech’s have respawned at BladeOps!

The much anticipated re-release of the Microtech Zombie Ultratech’s have finally re-spawned onto our shelves. I know we are all familiar with Microtech Ultratech OTF knives, but the Zombie editions have been a superb top-seller and definitely hard to keep the shelves!

MT121-1ZThe first “wave” of Zombies to come down upon us are the 121-1Z, the 121-7Z and the 121-8Z–bear in mind these are all single-edged models. Like every current Ultratech, these come standard with the very popular and highly-reviewed ATS-34 blade steel. Microtech has recently been using this steel in recent batches and the specs are very similar to the 154CM tool steel commonly found on most high-end knives.

MT121-7ZThankfully these fantastic OTF knives still come equipped with traditional glass breaker and mil-spec aircraft aluminum handles scales but the best part about these “killer” Microtech OTF knives is the red blood splatter across the handle–each one being unique in its own right.

To learn more about the Microtech Zombie Ultratech 121-1Z, click here for more information. For the Microtech 121-7Z, click here¬†and for the Microtech 121-8Z, click here……if you dare!

MT121-8ZWhether you want to add a surely unique Microtech Ultratech knife to your current collection or just plan on ruling the apocalyptic world in style, the Microtech Zombie Ultratech series is sure to turn heads.

Get yours before our stock has been exterminated……

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