Buck 110 Automatic Conversion Knives

Come see the excellent conversion knives from Buck we just recently got in. These Buck conversion knives are taken in by a small outfit that converts them to automatic or double action knives and then sells them to us. The workmanship is incredible. You have to see them to believe them. If you like the Buck 110, you will love any of these conversion knives. Check them out.


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The SOG Arc-Lock I Vulcan manual knife is an award winning combination of construction and style. By far the best manual knife I have found in a while. This knife is easy to open, opens and locks open nice and tight, and is easy to close. From SOG, it is made of top notch products, just like you would expect. This knife has the patented Arc-Lock system. This system provides strength, speed, safety, ambidexterity, and durability. Read more about the Arc-Lock system under the features tab.
The Vulcan series is named after General Electric’s M61A1 Vulcan is a 6-barrel 20mm cannon of the gatling-type. It fires standard M50 ammunition at 6,000 rounds per minute and is integral part of the armament of modern fighters such as the F-15, F-18 and of course the F-16.


Blade 3.5″

Overall Length 8.375″

Weight 5.0 oz.

Edge Straight

Steel VG-10

Handle Zytel

Finish Satin

Includes Reversible Pocket clip

Lightning Double Action OTF (Taiwanese Version)

The Lightning otf, Taiwanese Version is back! This is not the cheap Chinese version this one is made in Taiwan. The Lightning is bulletproof and very fast. For under 50 dollars you can’t find a better OTF. Yes you could spend 300-400 on a Micro-Tech don’t get me wrong you will love a Micro-Tech bar none the best OTF. But for the money the Lightning is perfect. This knife sells out fast it is very hard to keep in stock so get yours while you can…

AKC makes some great Italian stilettos. We just got a new one in. It is a 9″ knife with olivewood scales and brass bolsters. It looks very nice. The olivewood is a great touch which just improves a high quality knife. Like most stilettos, these snap open when you push the button on the handle. The smaller button lower down the handle is actually a sliding tab that locks or unlocks the blade. To close the stiletto, you push the side of the bolster that is between the handle and the blade. As you push the bolster to the left (if you are holding the knife with the trigger button facing you), the blade lock releases and you can push the blade back into the closed position. This knife has a very good spring in it. It opens fast and hard. This is a great classic knife. Check out our AKC Olivewood stiletto today.

SOG has created a new speed assisted folder named the Aegis (ee-jis: it was named after the Greek word which means shield). This premier folder has S.A.T. (which stands for surest assisted technologies). This is their name for one of the best assisted opening systems in the industry. This knife is very nice to hold and use. It has a very grip friendly handle. The handle is made with DigiGrip which is a trademarked substance that feels like tacky rubber. It is extremely easy to grip and keep a grip on. Plus, it feels good in your hand. The Aegis comes with SOG’s trademarked bayonet reversible clip and has a built in safety with a red means ready to go marking. The clip is a simple small piece of metal that you push. As soon as it shows red, the knife is ready to be opened. This style safety is ingenious and very secure. I rate the new Aegis as a 9.5 out of 10. I would love it if they made it automatic but for a spring assisted it is dang good. The spring pops the blade out fast and it locks up very tight. This is a good knife to have.


Blade Length 3.5″

Overall Length 8.25″

Weight 3.1 oz.

Edge Straight Steel AUS 8

Handle Zytel Finish Black TiNi

Al Mar SERE Operator, Sawback

The extremely popular SERE knife by Al Mar Knives has been created here as a fixed blade knife. This knife is stripped down, functional beauty. The handle, which is plenty large for big hands, is made of Prylon. Prylon, by the way, is a plastic with about 30% glass in it and has been described as “tough as sin” (quoted from DWENSLEN who talked with G Fadden of Al Mar). Prylon, apparently, is similar to Kydex except much harder and holds its shape in heat, unlike Kydex. Any way you call it, the scales on this knife just feel good in your hand. At the tang of the blade the handle flares out on the top of the spine and underneath. This makes for a good hold point.

The blade is made of S30V steel. For those who don’t already know, S30V is a revolutionary stainless steel which makes for harder, more wear resistant blades that are way less brittle than standard 440C stainless steel. Most experts estimate it also holds its edge about 45% better than 440C. Both good reasons to like this stainless steel blade.

The SERE Operator has a fantastic sawback edge which is incredible. You actually can use this as a saw. It is sharp, and the points of the saw teeth angle in just slightly to thick tips. I assume this allows you to cut better without getting the blade stuck in whatever you are cutting. Having had a lot of experience with wood saws, I know you would always prefer thin teeth to thick teeth. The blade comes incredibly sharp, right out of the box.

Finally, as if this isn’t enough, the knife comes with a molded sheath which works great in multiple positions. It is fantastic for tactical and emergency operations because inclement weather wont affect it since it is made of Prylon also with a secondary rubber ring and and extender plate for additional positioning.
Plus, this knife is made in the USA. And it comes at a reasonable price. Check one out today. It works great as a tactical weapon or as a really good survival knife.

ProTech Magic "Whiskers" Knife

The Pro-Tech Magic “Whiskers” knife is pretty amazing. It is very similar to what are commonly called double action knives except that it doesn’t quite function the same way. Most of the double action knives I have seen require you to push the top of the knife scale (the plates that make up the handle), and when I say the top I mean the part closest to the base of the blade, and this triggers the blade open automatically. The “Whiskers” knife, which takes its name from the designer Mike “Whiskers” Allen also has no push button on the handle, nor does it function as a manual folder. You press the scales of this knife in opposite directions and they pivot at the base of the knife and fire open the 3.5″ blade made of 154-cm. The pictured PT601BT has a black blade with a tanto point. The knife is also available in the PT601PS which is stainless steel and partially serrated.

The handles are made of T-6 6061 and they feel just right in your hand. The first time I triggered this knife, I was a little disoriented. It took a few moments to figure out the action required to make the blade pop. When it does, hold on tight. This knife has an extremely strong spring and comes open fast. To close the blade again, you use the same action (described best as a handle squeeze) and this releases the blade from the locked open position and allows you to reclose the knife. I love this knife for a couple of reasons. It is clean–no frills, extras, or baloney. This is just a nice, thin, automatic knife. Second, I love it because it feels heavy in my hand. Not heavy as in hard to carry, just solid. When you hold it, you know it was built right. This is a keeper for my collection. If you are wondering, I prefer the black blade version. Pro-Tech has made an amazing knife here.


Blade: 3.45″ Long / .120″ Thick

Handle: 4.75″ Long / .48″ Thick

Open Overall Length: 8.2″ Long

Weight: 4.6 Ounces