Paramilitary 2 Knife Review–Blog Contest Entry

The Paramilitary 2 Review
The Paramilitary 2, better known as the “Para 2” by knife aficionados, is one of the most popular medium to high end knives put out by Spyderco. This knife is quality made in Golden, Colorado, USA, EARTH.
Starting with the handle
The handle is made out of perfectly textured black G-10. It is neither too smooth nor too aggressive. It gives a superior grip, but doesn’t tear up your hand or your pants when used. G-10 is also one of the most durable handle materials available, falling in only behind metals. The mini torx screws lie flush on the handle, eliminating any snagging on them. The screws themselves are polished to a beautiful shine and are very attractive. A generously large lanyard hole allows for many strands of paracord or a thick lanyard to fit though and add to the aesthetics or utility of the knife. The clip is also polished to a very noticeable shine. The clip used is the “hourglass clip” utilized on countless Spyderco designs; and for a good reason too! It has great retention, is aesthetically pleasing, and is rock solid. The knife also carries fairly deep, with only about a half an inch showing out of your pocket.
The blade
The blade on the Para 2 is a 3.438″ blade with 3.078″ being actually cutting edge. CPM-S30V stainless steel is utilized for the blade on this knife, a steel considered the best in production blades across the world. S30V boasts a very keen edge as well as being able to keep it for a while. The blade shape is a drop point, which allows for lightweight, while at the same time, having enough belly for any cutting task. This length is a great medium in EDC and also functions well with tactical use, as is have ample reach. The full flat grind allows the blade to slice through anything you want, with the least of ease. The blade stock, however, is a bit too thick for my liking, but not by much. The tip is very fine, allowing precision work to be done. The acute angle of the blade shape allow for deep penetration if needed. The jimping on both the thumb ramp and the forward “50/50” choil are sharp, and lock your finger in place. The jimping does not, however, hurt your finger. The engineering on the jimping angle is quite a feat.
The lock
The Para 2 features Spyderco’s patented “Compression lock”. This lock is a premium locking system used by Spyderco on very few knives. The liner of the G-10 scale travels over when the blade is opened, wedging itself between a cutout of the blade tang and the large stop pin. This combines for a VERY SOLID lockup, and you will never EVER get any vertical blade play with this knife. This lock allows the knife to be easily closed with one hand. It is ergonomic, as well as being one of the strongest (if not the strongest) locking mechanism on a production folding knife.
Bushing system
“The Para 2 uses a new Bushing Pivot System which generates fluid action and more consistent manufacturing tolerances.”- as quoted from Spyderco. I have found this statement to be absolutely true with my use of this knife. The blade deploys super quick with a thumb flick, or a middle finger flick. It then locks up tight. The bushing system allows for what I have found to be the smoothest knife deployment on any knife I have ever handled.
At only 3.75 oz, this knife is a prime suspect for EDC use. However, the knife would also function just fine as a tactical blade, with its locking jimping and great penetration capabilities. Its deployment is quicker than an automatic knife that I have, all the while being buttery smooth when opened slowly. I carry this knife every day, and love it to death. I can wholeheartedly say that the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is my favorite modern knife of all time.

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