Piranha Prowler Auto Knife

Piranha Prowler
Piranha Prowler, blue standard edge blade

The Piranha Prowler’s have arrived.  These side open automatic knives are exactly what you would expect from a Piranha knife.  They feature high quality 154CM stainless steel blades and anodized aluminum handles for heavy daily use. They open lightning fast with a press on the inset trigger button and have no play in the blade at all.  The Prowler design is easily one of my favorite.  The single sharp edge dagger style blade is perfect for the cuts I need to make on a daily basis and the slightly tapered handle is comfortable and easy to grip.  Throw in the titanium pocket clip and you have a knife that will last you a lifetime.  Check out the Piranha Prowler here and check out the entire Piranha Knife line here.

The Prowler, referred to as the Piranha 12 series because it is their 12th design, is available in the following handle colors:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Plum
  5. Red
  6. Silver
  7. Camo
  8. Pink
  9. Burnt Orange



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