ProTech Harkins ATAC Dual Action Knife

I am somewhat partial to ProTech knives.  I especially like the finish work on their knives.  It seems that ProTech goes that extra step to make their knives not just extremely comfortable and useful but they make them works of art.  The “fit and finish” of their knives is truly some of the best in the industry.  But when I heard they had a new dual action knife I was just a little bit leery.  I have found very few dual action knives that I think are truly great.  In the low price end I especially like the Hunter series.  They are well made and durable.  In the higher end model, the only model I have really liked is the Defiance series by ProTech.  This knife came out last year and has a very well hidden trigger.  It also has fantastic action and a great look to it.  But, I wasn’t sure that ProTech would be able to top the Defiance series.

The Harkins ATAC is the best in class.  It has great carbon fiber inlays on the handle.  The inlay closer to the blade is the trigger.  Great action and a classy look combine to make this the best dual action knife I have seen.  It also is extremely lightweight, which makes for a comfortable pocket carry.

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