ProTech Runt J4 Series

We just loaded up on ProTech automatic knives.  Some of my absolute favorite ProTech knives are the J4 Runts.  ProTech has been producing Runts for several years.  The first 3 series are all very good knives.  Perfect for pocket carry and all meet the under 2″ requirement for a Cali-Legal knife.  The J4 series may be my favorite of the bunch.  With an overall length of 5.27″ this little knife gives you just about everything you want and need in an auto knife.  The J4 Runt knives are made with a drop point blade made of 154CM stainless steel.  You can get a couple of variations with DLC black coat also.  There are even a few special run J4 knives with Damascus blades.  The handle is made of 6061 T6 aluminum.  There are a variety of colors available including black, silver, blue, and even a few with some pretty fantastic inlays. The handle on the J4 is just a little longer than the earlier Runt series knives and gives you just that much more control over the knife.  It is comfortable and easy to hold.

One of my favorite things about ProTech knives is the incredible tolerances that they build their knives to.  Made with the attention to detail that is normally found only in custom shops, their knives have extremely high quality “fit and finish”.  And the springs they use with their knives are also very high quality.  The blade on the J4 Runt snaps out fast and locks up tight.  If you are looking for a great automatic pocket knife, the ProTech Runt J4 is definitely one to consider.

Overall Length: 5.27″

Blade Length: 1.94″ / .110″ Thick
Handle Length 3.33″ / .44″ Thick
Weight: approximately 2 ounces
T6 6061 Aluminum Frame

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