Ronin Gear Trainer Butterfly Knife

We get tons of requests for good trainer butterfly knives.  We have found a few that seem to stand up to the beating a trainer usually takes.  The Bear & Sons trainer does a good job.  Spyderco’s Spyderfly 02 trainer is a great trainer butterfly–but has now been discontinued.  The Ronin Gear Trainer butterfly knife is our newest trainer and it stands up to some heavy duty abuse.  We took one of these knives and started bashing it against everything we could ifnd int he office to simulate the effects of a lot of drops and a few other bangs a trainer butterfly generally gets during a it’s lifetime.  This one stood the test.  We aren’t suggesting you go and do the same, I am sure you can figure out a way to break one of these.  But, what I am saying, is that overall, this remarkably inexpensive trainer stands up to a whole lot of abuse.  The handles are fairly narrow.  They are also skeletonized.  The blade is dull on both edges and should not be sharpened.   It is built with pin construction which will allow it to last even longer.  Overall, while this may not be the very best trainer on the market, it is certainly a good one.

Overall: 9″
Closed: 4 3/4″

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