Smith & Wesson 2nd Generation M&P MAGIC Knives

You think the name is a mouthful, wait till you get one of these beefy knives in your hand. These are awesome! I really liked the 1st generation of the SWMP’s. They had everything I like about a good spring assist knife. The opening system (MAGIC) was easy to use and functioned almost like an automatic knife. The safety was good. Now Smith & Wesson has upped the ante with these Military & Police knives.

They are easy to hold, are large enough to actually use in a tactical situation, and have some great little features. The spring assist lever, which is right on the spine of the knife, is patterned after a set of gun sights. This is the kind of detail that you only got from a good Boker Kalashnikov knife in the past. The safety on these knives is just like the safety on many pistols. You swing it one way and the knife is “live”. The other way puts the knife in safety mode. These are really easy to operate with one hand–both the safety and the activation switch are easily accessibly. Because of their larger size, they are also nice for those with large hands or who wear gloves when operating their knife.
I can’t say enough about these. I am really pleased. For a spring assisted knife in the mid-price range class, I rate the SWMPL4 series as 9.5 out of 10.
You can pick these up with a gun metal grey or blue handle and with a plain edge black blade or a part serrated black blade.

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