Smith & Wesson Auto Conversion Knife

Smith & Wesson manufactures a button lock knife that is very similar to the Boker Magnum. The Smith & Wesson 50 series comes in two colors, black and champagne (silver). They are both constructed of high quality aluminum handles with very nice handle grips in the form of three indentations lenthwise down the handle on both sides. This provides a lot of gripping surface.
You can also purchase this knife in a couple of different blade formats. Most notable, either a plain edge or a serrated edge. You can also, if you search hard, find it with a tanto point instead of a drop point. Obviously, the tip of the knife is just a preference of the user depending upon what they will be using their knife for. Although I typically lean towards a tanto point, in this particular model, for whatever reason, I prefer the drop point. It may just be that I like the look better on this knife.
This knife, after being converted to an automatic, snaps out hard and locks up tight. I am sure you are sick of hearing me say that about automatics, but I hate an automatic knife that barely snaps out or wiggles after it is supposedly in the lock position. To release the blade, you merely push the button and then you can fold the knife back up into the closed state of being. The S&W50 also comes with a nice belt clip that is removable if you so prefer as well as a pretty solid slide safety on the spine. This is the knife’s biggest weakness if it has one. The safety doesn’t lock up really tight and sometimes will slide on you just a little while it is in your pocket. Not a huge deal to me, but it is something to think about.
It comes with an extremely sharp 440 stainless steel blade which is, as I said before, a most excellent shape. Smith & Wesson has kept up the tradition of excellence with this wonderful button lock automatic conversion. Remember, this knife has been converted to an automatic post production line. Smith & Wesson doesn’t make them as automatic knives originally. This knife is a great all around, everyday carry knife. Get one today, you won’t be disappointed!

I rate this knife as a 9.25 out of 10.


Overall: 7.25″
Blade: 3.25″
Weight: 4 ounces

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