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Smith & Wesson is well known for their quality guns. Now, they are getting a good name in the knife industry also. Smith & Wesson creates all time classic knives. Many of their knives have a mechanical feel to them and pair well with their superb gun line. They make a wide variety of styles including spring assisted knives, fixed blade knives, and even some auto knives (these are actually converted in the after market but they are still the high quality you expect from S&W).Each Smith & Wesson knife is built with high quality materials and the craftsmanship you would expect from such a superb name.
I thought the first line of Smith and Wesson Military and Police knives were great. I think the 2nd generation of assisted openers that use the MAGIC mechanism are even better. They are bigger. Beefier. Stronger. They also have some neat little add ins as far as the overall aesthetics of the knives. The spring assist trigger, that you find on the spine of the knife, is designed to look like a pistol sight. And the actual lock mechanism that is on the side of the handle swings to one side to lock and back to unlock. It looks and acts just like the safety on some pistols. I really like these two features. It makes a great knife even better. Watch the video to the side of this section and you will get a good idea of why this is such a great knife.


Blade Length: 3.5″
Overall Length: 8 5/8″
Handle Length: 5″
Steel: 4034 Stainless Steel
Blade Style: Drop Point Blade
Handle Material: Aluminum with Rubber Outlay
Locking Mechanism: Linerlock
Side Safety and Glass Breaker
Made in Taiwan
Weight: 7.5 Ounces

The recently manufactured line of knives by Smith & Wesson named the Military & Police MAGIC assist knives are incredible. These knives come with side safeties and a thumb stud on the spine of the blade. When you pull the thumb stud on the spine of the knife the blade pops out. And when I say pops, it really comes out fast. (Hint: if your knife doesn’t come out fast, the screw at the top of the handle is too tight, loosen it just a quarter of a turn and your blade should come out as fast as expected).

These knives, named MAGIC, which stands for Multipurpose Assisted Generational Innovative Cutlery, really do work like magic. They come in a variety of blade shapes. The series has three main classifications. Each classification has a different blade shape. All of the 1’s are drop points, the 2’s are scoop back, and the 3’s are tanto points. Within each classification, there are a variety of blade edges, blade colors, and handle colors. The handle can be either black and grey or desert (a khaki tan color). The blade can be either satin or black. And the blade edges can be either plain edge or combo edge. The variety of choices means that you will easily find your favorite knife options in this fantastic knife series. I love mine.

Handle: T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
Blade: 2.9″ (7.4 cm), Tanto
Closed: 4.2″ (10.7 cm)
Steel: Stainless
Weight: 4.1 oz.
Made in Taiwan

Smith & Wesson has created 3 generations of First Response rescue tools. The first version was extremely good. The following generations have improved on the first. Each of these tools/knives comes with their patented MAGIC assisted opening system. This is the toggle switch on the spine. You flick it (or pull it) and the knife opens right up. To close the knife you need to do it manually. This third generation knife comes in all black and has a spring loaded glass breaker. This is nice. If you are underwater, it is difficult to get enough momentum to break glass. With this spring breaker it gets you all the momentum you need. The blade is extremely sharp (almost ridiculously so) in order to cut through seat belts with ease. The tool also has a side safety and liner locks. Very nice tool. The first two generations are still available but this one is my favorite by far.


Overall Length (inches): 8.30
Blade Length (inches): 3.50
Blade Material: Stainless, Black
Blade Detail: ComboEdge
Handle Material: Nylon
Lock Style: Button Lock
Carry System: Pocket Clip
Special Features: Glass Breaker

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