SOG Pocket PowerPlier

If you are like me, you are always looking for a good pair of pliers.  What is better than a good pair–a pair of pliers that have a bunch of other tools on it so you can get everything done at once.  It seems whenever I am in the middle of a project around the house, I have to put everything down, stop what I am doing and go on the search for another tool.  With the SOG Pocket PowerPlier, you get a bunch of tools all in one.  It includes the following tools:

  1. pliers/grippers,
  2. wire cutters,
  3. partially serrated blade,
  4. small/large screwdrivers,
  5. Phillips screwdriver,
  6. 1/4-inch socket drive,
  7. medium screwdriver,
  8. three-sided file,
  9. can opener,
  10. bottle opener,
  11. awl,
  12. rulers,
  13. lanyard and heavy duty nylon pouch.

The last two on line 13 don’t really qualify as tools, but I included them in the list because they are nice ways to carry your Pocket PowerPlier tool around.  This is a solid all around tool that is perfect for everyday, around the house jobs as well as to carry with you on the job.  Hate hunting for each tool as you need it, get the SOG Pocket PowerPlier and you will have it all at your fingertips.

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