SOG Swedge Fixed Blade Knife Series

SOG recently released their new Swedge knives.  This knife is available in 3 different sizes–each has a slightly different configuration also.  The smallest, the Swedge 1, has a slight bend in the handle that projects the blade up and gives you a much better cutting angle than a straight knife of the same size would.  It actually gets the blade up and away from your hand just a little more than the average knife.  I like this aspect quite a bit.  The most readily visible characteristic of all three of the Swedge knives is their “reverse” tanto/chisel point tips. The unique design of these knives make the tips much less susceptible to breaking. If you are looking for a small, extremely sturdy fixed blade knife that you can take out on camping trips with you, the Swedge I is most likely the best candidate.  If you are looking for a big, heavy duty fixed blade to get some serious cutting, chiseling, and chopping done, then the Swedge II or III are probably just perfect for you. 
Another thing I really like about all 3 of these knives is the G10 handle they are built with.  The blade is full tang and then the handle has G10 overlays.  The G10 makes them very slip resistant in your hand.  It also makes for a lighter overall weight on the knife.  And, as a special bonus, each of these three knives also comes with a Kydex sheath.  Check out the Swedge knives from SOG, you will be glad you did.

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