Spring Assisted Trench Knife

Our newest Spring Assisted Trench Knife has great action.  This knife opens fast and locks up nice and tight with the liner lock system.  The blade is plenty sharp.  Made of 1065 stainless steel with a black coat, the blade should be relatively easy to sharpen.  The handle is suprisingly comfortable to hold.  This replica knife rates a 7 out of 10 for me.
The blade states, “US 1918 WWII”  , for me, that is a fairly egregious error.  This style of knife was used in 1918 but that was WWI  not II. 
Besides looking pretty fantastic, this knife actually gets the job done.  If you like replica style knives, or just think this knife has a great look to it, at this price, you almost can’t go wrong.

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