Spyderco Chicago Knife and Spyderco Cat Knife

spyderco cat
Spyderco Cat Folding Knife

If you haven’t been paying attention, Spyderco has quietly been producing some of the best manual folders on the market for quite some time.  Recently, in the past two years, they have started to produce some of these knives at some truly amazing prices.  For instance, the Chicago and the Cat.  Each of these knives features 440C stainless steel blades and black G10 handles.  They each sport the popular Michael wqalker LinerLock which makes them solid and dependable once open.  Built with skeletonized, full length liners, the handles are extra durable yet not extra heavy.  These knives are perfect for every day carry and will tackle just about any job you throw at them.  What’s the difference between the two?  The Chicago is built so it lands on the right side of some locations that require an under 2″ blade–like the city of Chicago.  The Cat has a larger blade, that if acceptable for your area is my favorite.  Whether you prefer the shorter Chicago, or the larger Cat (like I do), you are getting a knife that is dependable, light, and can cut nearly anything you throw at it.

SPECIFICATIONS for Spyderco Chicago:

Blade Length: 2″ (51 mm)
Cutting Edge: 1-3/4″ (44 mm)
Blade Thickness: 3/32″ (2.5 mm)
Overall Length: 5-1/32″ (128 mm)
Closed Length: 3-1/8″ (79 mm)
Hole Diameter: 15/32″ (12 mm)
Blade Steel: 440C Stainless Steel
Weight: 1.9 oz. (54 g) approx.
Handle Material: Black G10

Blade Length: 2-7/16″ (62 mm)
Cutting Edge: 2-1/8″ (54 mm)
Blade Thickness: 3/32″ (2.5 mm)
Overall Length: 5-15/16″ (151 mm)
Closed Length: 3-9/16″ (90 mm)
Hole Diameter: 1/2″ (13 mm)
Blade Steel: 440C Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.4 oz. (69 g)
Handle Material: Black G10

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