Spyderco Police Knife

Spyderco Police 07GS
Spyderco Police 07GS

The iconic Spyderco Police series of knives were first developed in the 1980’s.  Designed in response to the huge demand from law enforcement officers, the Spyderco Police gives  you serious cutting power in an easy to carry folder.  Available in plain edge, combo edge, or Spyderedge, the blade is hollow ground.  A hollow ground blade is beveled with a concave radius.  Designed to give an extra sharp edge that provides superior shallow cutting and slicing power, a hollow ground blade is relatively easy to resharpen making it ideal for an every day carry knife that sees moderate use.  The blade on the Police series is made of VG-10*.


The Police is available with a stainless steel handle or with G10 scales.  The solid stainless steel models have a great look and are perfect especially for gifts as they can be engraved.  The stainless steel model weighs 5.8 ounces.  The G-10 models are a bit lighter and offer more grip because of the G-10 texturing.  They weigh in at 4.9 ounces.  Although I prefer the G-10 handle scales just because of the texture, both styles look great and performance is about equal.

The knife comes with a four position hourglass clip.  Being able to carry your knife in any configuration (tip up or down, and right or left) is perfect for a police knife, since every officer has their own preferred manner and location of carry.

Overall, I highly recommend the Spyderco Police.  It is a large knife, so if you need a large, dependable knife that is perfect for moderate to heavy use in high stress situations, give it some consideration.

* VG-10  is a quality cutlery grade stainless steel developed and produced in Japan.  It has since found its way into sport cutlery and Spyderco uses VG-10 in quite a number of their knives.  It is also used extensively by Kershaw in the SHUN kitchen knife line–which is widely considered one of the better kitchen knife lines.

VG-10 Composition:   Carbon:1.0% Chromium:15.0% Molybdenum:1.0% Vanadium:0.2% Cobalt:1.5%

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