2 thoughts on “Spyderco Tenacious VS ESEE Avispa Video”

  1. please give advice to which would be best for bushcraft bravo 1.5 in S35VN bravo 1.5 in 3V or a knife in 5 inches scandi grind blade in Elmax steel

    1. Most of that decision depends on what your circumstances are. I personally would go with S35VN because I understand it better than Elmax. I know many very reputable makers are moving to Elmax and so I don’t think you could go wrong with either steel. For a true bushcraft knife, I would actually prefer 1095 so that I can field sharpen it when the need arises. Both S35VN and Elmax will keep an edge much longer but require more effort and better tools to sharpen properly. So for a heavy use knife in the field I would probably go with 1095 first choice and then S35VN second.

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