Tactical Knives March 2010

I just finished re-reading the article entitled “Brend with a Button” by Anthony Lombardo in the March 2010 issue of Tactical Knives.  All about Pro-Tech knives, this article focuses in on the Brend 3 auto knife.  Which is great since this is one of my all time favorite knives.  What I really found interesting about the article were the following two quotes–
The first is a quote of David Watenberg, the president of Pro-Tech, who said about the Brend 3 blade, “According to Brend, it is the perfect combination of a dagger and clip-point blade design.  The way the blade is ground you can do most any task with it–very strong at the tip, but still very aggressive for tactical use.”  I could not have said it more clear myself.  All of the Brend versions have this style of blade and it has always amazed me that such a good looking knife can cut so well right out of the box.  And it seems to just get right into every job that pops up. 
The second quote I really enjoyed was by the author, Mr. Lombardo, who said, “Pro-Tech is not a simple CNC shop slapping parts together as fast as they come off the machine.  Their knives exhibit lots of thoughful finishing details that set them apart.”  Pro-Tech some of the best craftmanship (for me defined as fit and finish) of all the auto knife companies. 
If you have never tried a Pro-Tech, check them out.  They are some of the best auto knives you will find.  And they are made in the USA.  Thanks to Mr. Lombardo for a great article and many thanks to Pro-Tech for making such fantastic knives.

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