Spyderco Autonomy Automatic Knife Review

Spyderco recently released the Autonomy automatic knife.  In production for several years, this knife has previously been available only to members of the US Coast Guard.

Spyderco Autonomy
Spyderco Autonomy auto knife, C165GSBBK

Several years ago, Spyderco was contracted to build an auto knife for the US Coast Guard rescue swimmers.  These swimmers have some pretty incredible standards of fitness that readies them for the wide variety of environments they operate within.  They must be able to do 50 shoulder width push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 5 pull-ups, 5 chin-ups, a 500 yard crawl swim in 12 minutes and a 25 yard underwater swim done 4 times as well as a buddy tow of 200 yards.  And to complement their incredible fitness, they need equipment that performs to the standards they operate at on a daily basis.

Spyderco Autonomy
Spyderco Autonomy

The Autonomy features an H-1 steel blade.  H-1 steel is nitrogen based and immune to saltwater corrosion–making it the perfect blade for Coast Guard rescue personnel.  The knife boasts a coil spring nested in a unique, removable shroud that allows for the spring to be serviced without taking the whole knife apart.

Built with open construction, the Autonomy is easy to clean and dry.  The black G-10 scales proffer a secure, solid grip even in the water.  And the firing button is designed so you can index easily even in the dark, when your hands are cold, or when you have gloves on them.  This ideal auto knife is perfect for those who operate in water environments.

The sheepsfoot style blade has full serrations which makes it perfect for cutting straps with minimal chance of cutting whatever is wound up in the strap or rope. In 2012, this knife won the “Most Innovative American Design” award at Blade Show.  Find it here on our website.

  • length overall 8.625″
  • blade length 3.75″
  • blade steel H-1
  • length closed 4.875″
  • cutting edge 3.625″
  • edge type fully serrated
  • blade style Sheepsfoot
  • weight 5.35 oz
  • blade thickness .11″
  • handle material Black G-10 with Stainless Steel Liners
  • Push Button Automatic
  • Pocket Clip Tip Up
  • Made in USA