Benchmade 477 Emissary 3.5 Assist Knife — New Knife Review

Benchmade 477 Emissary
Benchmade 477 Emissary AXIS-Assist knife

The Benchmade 477 is another great addition to the extremely successful Emissary platform.  The newest model, the Emissary 3.5, features the AXIS-Assist locking mechanism with a safety, an S30V stainless steel modified drop point blade, and CNC machined billet alumium handles.

The previous Emissary, model 470-1, also used the AXIS-Assist locking mechanism but it had a slide safety positioned near the AXIS system on the side of the handle.  The 3.5 has the safety positioned on the spine of the handle.  I like the position better for a couple of reasons.  First, it is out of the way of my hand so I am not bumping into it when gripping the knife in a traditional grip.  Second, the safety is actually easier for me to operate on the spine.  Some spine safeties are fidgeting, finicky things that are difficult to slide.  This one is perfect.  Easy to depress and slide with the thumb, it slides smooth in its track and locks up with a nice, quiet click when in place.  I think it is the best spine safety I have ever used.

Benchmade Emissary Knives
Benchmade Emissary Knives

The nearly 3.5″ blade is S30V.  This stainless steel is going to handle every day life with ease.  It will tackle heavy duty cutting jobs with minimal fuss.  It will keep an edge and it will keep you cutting smooth and easy for a very long time.  When it comes time to sharpen the blade, you can do it yourself or send it in to Benchmade through their fantastic LifeSharp program so you don’t have to fuss and bother.  They ship it back to you with a factory edge back on the blade.

The AXIS-Assist system, if you haven’t had the pleasure of using it, opens fast and locks up very tight.  To open the blade, just give either of the ambidextrous thumb studs a push and get the blade started.  The assist takes over and gets the blade open the rest of the way.  To close the blade, just pull the AXIS mechanism towards the butt of the handle.  I do this by grasping the AXIS system with my thumb and forefinger.  You can easily do it with just your thumb if you prefer.  This releases the blade from the open position and you can close it with your other hand.  When the blade is open, or when it is closed, you can slide the safety mechanism into the locked position securing the blade in its current position.  It makes for an ultra secure open blade so you can make your heavy cuts with peace of mind.

The handle is CNC machined aluminum.  It has a deep finger groove for your finger and then a more shallow and wide spot for your other fingers to rest on.  The handle has several wide bevels for a very comfortable grip.  The knife has a deep carry pocket clip that is right/left reversible.  It also has a lanyard hole.

The 477 Emissary 3.5 Assist knife is perfect for those who want a full sized blade in a classic package with all the best of materials and mechanisms.  The knife carries comfortable and unobtrusive in your pocket which makes it perfect for the boardroom warrior.  Check out the Benchmade 477 on our site here.  Let me know what you think of yours down below.

Benchmade 909SBK Stryker II Knife Review

Benchmade 909SBK Stryker II
Benchmade 909SBK Stryker II — folder knife built for heavy use.

The Benchmade Stryker series just got a new member–and the 909 is definitely a knife to be reckoned with.  A tactical folder built for the real world, the Stryker II features a tanto blade that locks up with the AXIS locking mechanism.  Textured G-10 handle scales provide a comfortable and secure grip.  The reversible (right/left) tip up pocket clip allows for flexible carry options.  And most of all, it performs.

The 154CM stainless steel blade has a black tactical finish on this model.  You can pick it up with a satin finish if you prefer.  Also available with a standard edge instead of the part serrated if that is the direction you lean.  The blade is just over 3 1/2″ which makes it perfect for heavy, every day use applications.  Whether you have some serious work to be done on deployment or just have a couple boxes that need to be opened, this blade will get the job done.  The 154CM stainless steel will give you a great edge that lasts.  It will also be relatively easy to maintain.  You open the knife with the thumb studs.  It locks open with the extremely dependable AXIS locking mechanism.  If you have never used a knife with the AXIS system–you are in for a treat.  Very secure, very simple, and truly ambidextrous.

The handle is built with textured black G10 scales on skeletonized stainless steel liners.  The handle is open construction with just the blade pivot screw, the AXIS lock and two barrel spacers between the two liners.  This reduces weight and has the extra advantage of making the 909 extremely easy to keep clean.  The liners have jimping while the G10 scales do not–which gives a unique jimping pattern that offers texture in the right places while at the same time being low key about it.  The G10 scales are beveled in all the right places for a very comfortable grip.  A lanyard hole offers alternate carry.

This instant classic folder knife is perfect for heavy use whether you operate in a tactical world or a world of glass and steel.  Check out the new Benchmade 909 Stryker II knives on our website here.  Let me know what you think down in the comment section.


  • Blade Length: 3.57″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.124″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.470″
  • Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
  • Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Blade Style: Tanto
  • Weight: 4.38oz.
  • Pocket Clip: Reversible, Black, Tip-Up
  • Lock Mechanism: AXIS
  • Overall Length: 8.29″
  • Closed Length: 4.72″
  • Sheath Material: Sold Separately
  • Class: Black

Benchmade 9051 AFO II Automatic Knife Review

Benchmade 9051 SBK
Benchmade 9051 SBK — AFO II automatic knife

The Benchmade 9051 auto knife series has spent the past few years proving why it is one of the best auto knives on the market.  Built tough from top quality materials, the 9051 has not only withstood the test of time–it has dominated the test.  Built with a classic drop point style blade (also availabe in tanto–product series 9052) the knife blade is 154CM stainless steel.  154CM is an American made premium grade stainless steel developed for heavy industrial applications.  It offers a quality blend of high corrosion resistance, great edge quality and good toughness.  This is the kind of steel you want when you work in remote and tough conditions.  The combination of  carbon, chromium, and molybdenum is such that a 154CM blade will take just as good of an edge as an S30V blade.  It won’t hold the edge as long–but the trade off is that it is much easier to sharpen.  And when you are operating in the real world, you want to be able to get an edge on your blade when the need arises.  Like most Benchmade models, the blade is available with a black or satin finish and with a plain or combo edge.

The next thing I love about the 9051 series is the handle.  Constructed of black anodized, machined 6061 T-6 aluminum, the knife handle is basically two beefy scales separated by an open backspacer.  The backspacer does double duty as a glass breaker.  The handle has an easy palm swell that dives into an aggressive finger groove.  The finger groove transitions into a flared out front quillon that prevents your finger from sliding up onto the blade when making thrusting cuts.  The spine of the handle also has a small quillon that performs the same function for your thumb.  Both quillons sport heavy, deep jimping to add traction.  The beefy handle provides a secure, solid grip whether you are making delicate or heavy cuts.

The 9051 has a push button trigger that is slightly inset in the handle.  A slide safety on the spine adds a layer of blade security.  Four position pocket clip and a lanyard hole complete the package.

This beefy, heavy duty combat auto knife is built with the operator in mind.  Easy to keep clean because of its open construction.  The blade will cut through anything you throw at it and is easy to sharpen when the need arises.  A safe, secure hold on the knife comes from a well thought out design.  The Benchmade 9051 is the kind of combat auto knife you want on your side.


  • Blade Length: 3.56″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.125″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.600″
  • Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
  • Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
  • Blade Style: Utility
  • Weight: 5.80oz.
  • Clip: Tip Up, Reversible, Black
  • Lock Mechanism: Push Button Automatic
  • Overall Length: 8.51″
  • Closed Length: 4.95″
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon w/ Malice Clip
  • Clip Class: Black

Benchmade Knives and M390 Super Steel

Benchmade Mini Barrage
Benchmade Mini Barrage with M390 Super Steel

Benchmade Knives Company has been producing knives with M390 for several years now.  Back in 2010, they released the 755 MPR.  A monolock knife with a titanium and a G10 scale, this great Blue Class folder knife took the knife market by storm.  Released during the 2010 SHOT Show, this knife even got mentioned in the June 2010 Knives Illustrated magazine.  Called a mini pocket rocket, in reality it is a mid-sized tactical folder that is built for heavy-duty use in tough environments.  And because of the expectation that it would perform in tactically demanding circumstances, Benchmade used M390 super steel for the blade.

What is M390 super steel?  It is a high performance blade steel produced by Bohler.  With a higher than usual concentration of vanadium and chromium carbides it has superior cutting abilities and its wear resistance is unbelievable.  A unique powder metallurgical process is used to produce this super steel–and the process gets a uniform carbide distribution throughout the steel.  It also gives a very clean steel.  This uniformity allows it to perform at an extremely high level as well as making it dependable–you don’t have any miniscule pockets of weakness.  Because of these attributes, it is often used in surgical cutting instruments.  And Benchmade has introduced it on a limited basis in several knives–because of the very things that make it so great–its uniformity, wear resistance, superior cutting abilities, as well as its corrosion resistance (which comes from the high level of Chromium).

What other Benchmade Knives are available with M390?  Aside from the 755 already mentioned, you can also get the following Blue Class knives with M390–the 581 Barrage, the 586 Mini Barrage as well as the 480-1 Shoki.  Several Gold Class knives were also produced with M390 super steel including the 7505-131 and 7505-132 Dual Action knives and the 480-131 Shoki.  I personally have carried the Mini Barrage for several months now and can attest to the fact that the blade performs like a beast. Check out these spectacular knives on our website at the links listed above.  With the high level of success that Benchmade has had with M390, it is quite certain that many more knives will be released in future years with M390 Super Steel.


Great auto knives for left-handers! PART 3

The next knife we are going to take a look at in our mini-series is the Benchmade auto Rift 9555. This impressive Benchmade automatic sports a 3.67″ blade for all your cutting needs and the nicely-milled G10 handle scales will give you plenty of support for whatever you are utilizing your knife for.

BEN9555One unique variation to the knife is the fact that the 9555 Rift has a reversed tanto blade style. Now I’m sure at some point we have all seen or heard of the tanto blade style, but what is or even what are the benefits to a reversed tanto? Well to be honest, its not going to be anything much more than the traditional tanto blade style which is great strength in the tip of the blade which is ideal for any type of piercing action.

BEN9555SBKAll in all, this Benchmade auto certainly has some great features–a 154CM blade, revesible pocket clip and of course comes with Benchmade’s limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that even if something goes wrong, Benchmade will always stand behind their products. The Benchmade Rift 9555 does come in all 4 standard blade variations so be sure to click here to find out how the Rift can complete your knife collection!

Benchmade HK P30 Assist Knife

Benchmade HK P30 Assist Knife
Benchmade HK P30 Assist Knife

The H&K P30 assist knife is now available.  This new spring assist knife from Benchmade features a black finished blade available with a plain edge or combo edge.  The black molded thermoplastic handle has all kinds of texturing.  This gives you a nice, solid grip regardless of the conditions.  What I really like about this little knife, aside from the unbelievable price, is the size.  A mid size knife, it is perfect for every day carry as a utility knife.  Check out the new HK P30 by Benchmade and get an everyday assist.


Or just watch the video:


Benchmade Mini Barrage AXIS Assist with M390 Blade

Benchmade Mini Barrage
Benchmade Mini Barrage with M390 Super Steel blade

The Benchmade Barrage series has been incredibly popular.  Built with the AXIS-Assist system, these knives open fast when you get the blade started with the thumb stud.  Just released is the Mini Barrage knife with an M390 Super Steel blade.  M390, according to the Benchmade website, is, “A high performance blade steel with superior cutting ability and wear resistance due to its high concentration of vanadium and chromium carbides. Its unique powder metallurgical process also promotes a uniform carbide distribution and clean steel properties, making M390 a popular steel used in surgical cutting instruments and in applications requiring a high finish. As a blade material it offers excellent corrosion resistance due to its high concentration of Chromium.”  In layman’s terms–M390 is a fantastic steel with incredible wear resistance.  You will dig it.  Check out the new Benchmade Mini Barrage on our website and get the newest installment in the Barrage line of knives.

Check out the video below for a video review: