BladeOps One Day Sale on the Boker Plus Urban Survival Knife

Boker Urban Survival Knife
Boker Urban Survival Knife

It’s a jungle out there and the Boker Plus Urban Survival knife is just what you need to make it through.  This delightful little Jim Wagner design is another addition to his great line of knives.  Comfortable in hand, this little liner lock is easy to open and gives you the tool you need to combat the every day vagaries of Urban Life.  Need to get a box open? Pull out the little blade and take care of business.   Need to cut some paracord?  Grab your Urban Survival knife and get the job done.  Need a defensive tool?  The Urban Survival knife is there for you.  Plus it has a glass breaker for emergency egress.  Get yours for just $25.00 today only–while supplies last.  With an MSRP of $50, this half price deal is a home run of epic proportions.


  • Blade length: 1 5/8″.
  • Overall length: 5 2/3″.
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.

Boker Camo Defender LinerLock Knife Review

Boker Plus Camo Defender
Boker Plus Camo Defender

The Boker Plus Camo Defender knife catches your eye with a grey and black camo pattern on a classic style combat folder.  This knife is built to handle any task you give it.  Built as an Every Day Carry (EDC) knife, the Camo Defender is rugged yet functional.

The clip point blade features a combo edge which makes it ideal for cutting through rope, webbing and belts with ease.  The spine of the blade has some mild jimping about halfway down that allows you to position your thumb and get a nice, solid purchase when making fine, precise cuts.  The most noticeable features of the blade are the double guards that swing around when you open the blade to keep your hand from riding up onto the blade.  They also give you secondary points for use when opening the blade.  When open, the blade locks in place with a liner lock.

The handle has the same camo pattern.  In the middle of each handle scale are two sections with reptile grip inlays.  This insert material gives you an incredible anti slip grip.  The handle is an open frame design that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning of the knife.  It has a four position clip.

If you are looking for a no nonsense folder that is built tough the Boker Camo Defender is a great choice.  Best of all, at under $25, the knife is a bargain.  This smooth opening folder is perfect for pocket carry or for any gear bag as a utility knife.

Blade length: 7 3/4″.
Overall length: 3 3/8″.
Weight: 6.1 oz.

Boker Applegate Fairbairn Fighting Knife — Short History

Boker Applegate Fairbairn
Boker Applegate Fairbairn knife model 120543AF

The Boker Applegate Fairbairn combat knife has been a steady favorite of our customers for several years here at BladeOps.  The history of this knife goes back to before WWII.  At that time, William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes got together and discussed what they thought were critical characteristics of a classic fighting knife.  What they came up with was the F-S fighting knife.  This knife gained popularity when it was issued to several different British fighting forces during WWII–specifically it became popular when it was used extensively during the Normandy Landings.

The knife was designed with an acute taper to the sharp pointed blade and was perfect for thrusting cuts as well as slashing cuts as long as the edges were sharpened as suggested by Fairbairn and Sykes.  This design was used throughout WWII and still has adherents to this day.  Fairbairn may have said it best in his book entitled GET TOUGH! (1942)

In close-quarters fighting there is no more deadly weapon than the knife. In choosing a knife there are two important factors to bear in mind: balance and keenness. The hilt should fit easily in your hand, and the blade should not be so heavy that it tends to drag the hilt from your fingers in a loose grip. It is essential that the blade have a sharp stabbing point and good cutting edges, because an artery torn through (as against a clean cut) tends to contract and stop the bleeding. If a main artery is cleanly severed, the wounded man will quickly lose consciousness and die.

Colonel Rex Applegate was a student of Fairbairn.  During his study, he came up with a few modifications to the classic F-S knife that included most prominently a different handle.  The original modified handle had adjustable lead weights that changed the balance point of the knife.  This new variation of the original F-S combat knife became known as the Applegate Fairbairn fighting knife.  Boker produces several different variations of this knife with most of the variety coming from different handle colors, materials or blade steels.  Check out our full line of Applegate Fairbairn knives here or check out the applegate knife pictured above here.

Which is your favorite Boker Kalashnikov?

Boker Kalashnikov 74 BK
Boker Kalashnikov 74 BK

Boker Kalashnikov knives have become nearly an iconic part of knife culture.  These knives are built as an interpretation of the extremely famous Kalashnikov AK-47.  First designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov back in 1947, the AK-47 quickly became the main staple for eastern bloc countries looking for automatic guns.  In fact, by 2009, nearly 100 million of these guns had been produced–an interesting fact is that almost half are considered to be counterfeits.  The Boker Kalashnikov knives have an AUS-8 blade that can be found with a black, sand, or satin finish.  Combo edge or plain edge are available in both the satin and black styles, the sand finished blade comes only in a combo edge.  The handles are either black, green, sand or grey.  The appealing thing about these knives is that they are fairly simple to convert from a button lock manual folder into an automatic knife.  Most knife sites will sell both versions–either a manual button lock or an already “converted” auto knife.  One thing to remember about the “conversion” process is that it does void the warranty from Boker. Now the Boker Kalashnikov is available in a new smaller size called the mini.  This series was given the 73 code.  So if you see a Boker 73 for sale, it is the smaller version.
I especially like the details on the Boker Kalashnikov.  The main pivot screw has the classic Russian Star on the top.  The knife comes in a box shaped like an AK-47 banana clip.  Very cool details.  But the knife itself is an absolute workhorse.  I carried one of these for about six months and was absolutely brutal to it.  I used it for everything and anything.  It withstood the test.  At the end of six months, it had several scratches on the blade but it still functioned perfectly.  Similar to the AK-47, the Boker Kalashnikov knife is a deceptively simple design which makes maintenance, cleaning, and tune ups a breeze.  If you haven’t ever had one of these spectacular knives, you should definitely consider getting one.  If you already have one or two or more, you already know, the Boker 74 and now the Boker 73 series are knives to be reckoned with.

Boker Folder Knives

We just put six different styles of Boker Folder Knives up on the shelves.  These knives are solid built, pocket knives that will perform.  Check out the pictures and order your favorite today.