Fantastic Fixed Blade Knives

The most common style for an everyday carry knife is definitely a folder. However, you should not let a fixed blade everyday carry slip past your radar; fixed blade knives have many benefits. For starters, a fixed blade will always, always, always be a stronger knife than a folder will—fixed blades can pierce, they can pull, they can pry, and they can twist. These are all things that you might be able to do with a folder, but probably not without some nerves. Many people also brush off carrying a fixed blade because of the size. However, many fixed blades are smaller than large folding knives. And you really don’t need that large of a blade, around 3 inches, to accomplish the majority of your tasks. Another fantastic reason to carry a fixed blade as your everyday carry knife of choice is because they are much easier to maintain. You can do many dirty tasks with them, such as gardening, hunting, or fishing, and not have to worry about cleaning out all the nooks and crannies once you finish your work. With a fixed blade, you really only have to wipe everything down. Now that we’ve been over why you should carry a fixed blade, the next question is what fixed blade you should be carrying. To make the research easier for you, I have compiled a list of the three best fixed blades on the market.


The SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife:

SOG Seal Pup Elite
SOG Seal Pup Elite

This knife was designed to mimic the knife that the Navy SEALS use, so you know that this knife is going to be able to stand up to lots of heavy duty tasks.

The blade on this knife is 4.75 inches long made out of a high-quality AUS-8 hardened stainless steel. This steel has been powder coated for protection, corrosion resistance, and to defeat any glare. The lowered glare makes this knife a fantastic option for tactical missions because you won’t be alerting anyone of your position. The steel holds its edge well and has pretty good hardness. The thing that most people notice about the steel on this blade is how well it resists corrosion and rust. People use this knife for five plus years and their blades have no spots on it. The knife has a thick blade that measures .185 inches thick with a contoured spine. This thickness allows you to take on the rougher tasks without worrying about snapping your blade. There is a rasp on the blade’s spine, so you can have a place to set your thumb. Setting your thumb in this rasp will give you more control over your cutting, which makes it a perfect for smaller, more intricate tasks. The blade is partially serrated and has a clip point silhouette.

The handle on this knife is made out of Zytel, which is a super tough glass reinforced nylon. This material feels like a ceramic material, but it isn’t brittle so you don’t have to worry about your handle shattering. The handle is a black. It also has a nice finger profile which provides for fantastic grip even if the knife is wet. Another feature that gives you great grip is the textured scales. The handle also boasts a lanyard hole that is made for running paracord though.

Many people consider the sheath on this knife to be the best aspect of the knife. It is made out of quality abrasion resistant Cordura nylon webbing. The knife fits perfectly and has a button closure strap for the handle. On the front of the sheath is a small pocket that closes with Velcro, so you can carry a small item, such as fire steel in it.

Overall, this knife is 9.5 inches long. It can be carried don the right or left side, which is a very convenient aspect. No matter what you are doing, this knife will be able to stand up to the task.

Pros of the SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife:

  • The blade has a powdered coating to improve hardness, corrosion resistance, and to not reflect light.
  • The steel holds an edge well.
  • This knife is crazy rust resistant.
  • The thicker spine allows you to do heavier duty tasks.
  • The handle gives you amazing grip, even while in the water.
  • The sheath is the king of all sheaths.
  • Can be carried on the left or right side.

Cons of the SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife:

  • Some people consider the blade too thick to go about many tasks, such as filleting.
  • The plastic handle is a drawback to some.

 You can find all the SOG Seal Pup Elite options here.

The Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife:

KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife
KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife

Something that Ka-Bar is known for is how they make their blades. They have a unique steel tempering, treating, and grinding process that help perfect their blades. Ka-Bar blades are known for being tough, light, and maintaining their edges extremely well. Something that makes this specific blade unique is that it is constructed of a single piece of steel that runs clear through the handle, which is called a full tang build. Because it runs through the handle instead of being attached, you can expect higher strength and durability. The blade on this knife is 7 inches long made out of 1095 Cro-Van steel. This steels holds an edge better than most stainless steels and is also a lot easier to sharpen than most stainless steels. The original shape and straight edge of this knife have been relied upon by thousands of people over the past sixty years. Some being Marines, hunters, campers, and military men. This knife actually follows the original design which was designed for Marines during the second World War in 1942. The curve that is on this blade is ideal for slicing, skinning, and dressing, which makes this a perfect hunting knife. And, the straight edge on this knife is ideal for slashing, chopping, and really any other task that you might need to throw at it. Something unique about this knife is that it comes unsharpened. This is a great option because it allows the user to choose their own angles on the edge and you don’t have to live with the factory edges. The most common people who enjoy that characteristic are hardcore hunters or military personnel. This partially serrated blade will require more maintenance than many other blades will. The blade is stamped with USMC.

You can get this handle in either a synthetic rubber Kraton G or a stacked leather washer handle, the latter being the more traditional style. Both of these options have a flat pommel that holds a pin that extends through the tang. Some people don’t love the size of the knife and I’ve heard people complain that it was too big and different people complain that it is too small. Really, the size of your ideal knife handle depends on the size of your hands. But, in all actuality, this is a comfortable knife that works for many different hand sizes. Another complaint is that people don’t have as good of a grip on the knife as they would prefer, epically in survival situations. A good fix to that problem is adding a little bit of grip tape to the handle.  A bonus about using the Kraton G handle is that it won’t rot over time, which can be a concern when choosing the leather handle. If you do choose the leather handle, you can expect a better grip.

The sheath that goes with this knife is also a stellar sheath. It is a natural leather sheath that is easy to repair yourself if you need to. The knife locks into the sheath securely and you don’t have to worry about it coming out unexpectedly. But, when you try to pull it out, it will pop out easily. A bonus about this sheath is that it makes the knife easy to access whether you are left or right handed. There are holes in the sheath that make it very easy to attach the sheath to your backpack.

Overall, the knife is 11.75 inches long and weighs 10.5 ounces, which is .65 pounds.

Pros of the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife:

  • The knife has a full tang blade.
  • The steel holds an edge better than most stainless steel and is easy to sharpen.
  • The knife comes unsharpened, so you get to choose the angle of the edge.
  • You can get the handle in either a Kraton or a leather.
  • The sheath is fantastic and is easy to repair if needed.
  • Holes in the sheath are ideal for attaching to your backpack.

Cons of the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife:

  • The blade will need more maintenance than other knives.
  • The knife comes unsharpened, so you won’t be able to use it immediately and you will have to have easy access to a sharpener.
  • The handle doesn’t have the best grip.
  • This is a giant knife.

You can order yours here.

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife:

Gerrber LMF II Infantry Knife
Gerrber LMF II Infantry Knife

This knife comes in three different models: the LMF II Infantry, the LMF II Survival, and the LMF II ASEK. All of these knives are the same exact knife, the only things that differ are the handle and sheath colors and then the accessories that come with each model.

The LMF II Infantry comes with either a black, brown, or green handle. The sheath that comes with this version matches the handle color of your choice.

The LMF II Survival only comes with a brown handle and sheath, but it does come with a safety knife and strap cutter.

The LMF II ASEK comes with a green handle and sheath plus a matching safety knife and strap cutter.

The blade on this knife is 4.84 inches long and the thickness of the blade is 3/16’s of an inch. This knife is a drop point silhouette, which means that your blade will be stronger across the entire blade than a different shaped knife. This means that it is also stronger on the point of the knife. Because of the strength of the blade, this knife is an ideal candidate for cutting, slicing, and bushcraft tasks. The steel on this blade is a 420HC stainless steel. This is an all-around good steel that is very resistant to rust. To add to its corrosion resistant properties, the steel is coated in a black oxide. The steel is also an extremely tough steel, which makes it ideal for chopping, slicing, and even hammering, prying and digging. This steel is not great at maintaining its edge when faced with heavy use. This blade is a partially serrated edge.

The handle on the LMF II Survival is made out of glass-filled nylon that has a TPV over mold grip. This over mold adds a lot of grip and helps to channel water, so the handle remains grippy even while wet. This handle is actually wider than the average handle, plus it is on the flatter side. These two characteristics help add grip surface and it makes it easier to lash this knife to a stick, if needed. There are also three holes in the handle that also help to lash this knife to a stick. At the bottom of the handle, there is a flair that helps you chop things comfortably. The butt cap at the bottom is designed to break, crush, and hammer.

The sheath of this knife is color coordinated to your handle and it is made out of ballistic nylon. It also has a fire retardant coating. The knife is held securely in place by a friction locking system. This sheath can also be a left or right hand carry. A unique aspect of this sheath is that it has an integrated sharpener, which makes sharpening your knife on the go a breeze.

Pros of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife:

  • Comes in a variety of different colors.
  • Comes with a variety of different accessories, depending on which version you purchase.
  • The drop point silhouette makes the blade stronger across the whole thing.
  • The steel is very resistant to rust.
  • You can pry, dig, and hammer with this knife.
  • The handle is wider and flatter, making it easier to hold.
  • This handle provides great grip, even when wet.
  • You can hammer with the butt cap.
  • Sheath is fire retardant.
  • Integrated sharpener.
  • It is easy to lash the knife to a stick.

Cons of the Gerber LMF II Survival Knife:

  • This is not a full tang knife.
  • Partially serrated knives are harder to sharpen.
  • The blade steel does lose its edge quicker than other steels would.

You can order a Gerber LMF II Knife here.


Many people don’t even consider a fixed blade for their everyday carry knife, but there are many reasons why you should be considering a fixed blade. This list is to help you transition from carrying a folder knife to a fixed blade; these are the three best fixed blades that you will be able to find on the market.




Best Five Fixed Blade Knives Under $50

Ranging from large to extremely small, our list of current favorite sub $50 fixed blade knives runs the gamut from survival knives to camp knives to self defense tools.  Although I have ranked these knives based on my preferences, you can rest assured that each one of these knives is a spectacular specimen of knife quality.  So if you need a small defensive tool, don’t get put off that the first knife on the list is clearly a survival/combat knife.  And so, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

Gerber Prodigy Fixed Blade
Gerber Prodigy Fixed Blade, 31-000558

First up, the Gerber Prodigy.  A couple of months ago, a good friend of mine came into the office looking for a couple of well built survival knives for his emergency kit/go bag.  In talking with him, I realized he didn’t want to spend a ton because they weren’t going to be every day use knives–but at the same time, he didn’t want to buy a piece of junk that was going to fail right when he needed it most.  I immediately directed him to the Prodigy.  I can’t say enough good about this solid combat and survival knife.  There are two variations available, a tanto blade and a drop point blade.  I own the tanto blade because I know at some point I am going to want to pry with it–and although no knife is really built to be used as a pry, a tanto blade will typically perform better.  What is so great about the Prodigy?  In my mind, it is the less expensive, yet just as useful alternative to the LMF II which is going to set you back over $100.  The Prodigy performs similar to the LMF.  This USA built knife has a TacHide handle that gives you a great grip.  It is comfortable to use.  It cuts like a boss.  And the full tang blade is beastly strong.  Fits MOLLE gear and comes with a sheath.  This is, in my mind, one of the very best value fixed blades on the market–if you need a great survival knife and don’t want to spend the bank account on said knife.  I have one for my outdoor trips and another stashed with my go bag.

Best Use:  Survival

Ka-Bar Eskabar Knife
Ka-Bar Eskabar Knife

The second choice is the Ka-Bar Becker EsKabar Knife.  A combination of the classic ESEE style and the Becker Necker, the Eskabar is the perfect little back up knife.  Whether you are an urban warrior fighting the good fight against cardboard and paper or an outdoor aficionado that needs a small knife for every day camp chores, the EsKabar is there for what you need.  The 1095 steel knife has a black finish.  The flat grind makes quick work of slicing and shaving cuts.  This little beauty comes with a sheath as well as a length of black paracord so you can wrap the handle however you want–and then you always have a bit of paracord for any emergency.  This knife style has proven itself over and over.  Made in the USA, this knife is a definite competitor of the ESEE Izula series.    I love the ESEE Izula, but it doesn’t make the cut for this list–because it is a bit more $$$.  This is a great knife for stashing in a go bag as well. In fact, I gave my mom one of these for her car emergency bag.

Best Use:  Back Up Survival/ Go Bag

Third choice is the CRKT Obake–you can get a great look at it in the video above.  New this year, the Obake doubles as a small defensive tool as well as an every day carry knife. This Lucs Burnley design is patterned after the classic Japanese Kwaiken style knife.  With a full tang, acid etched blade, the Obake gives you a mini katana style knife ready for every day action.  Burnley ingeniously attached a bit of paracord to the sheath so that when you pull the knife, at first, the entire sheath comes with it, once the blade has fully cleared your body, the paracord tether stops the sheath and the blade slides right out.  This way, you don’t have all the hassle of trying to clear the blade from your body while extracting it under duress.  The handle is black faux ray skin under a nylon cord wrap.  Just like the big boy katanas.  This is a great little knife that quickly became one of my favorite new offerings of 2014 from CRKT.

Best Use:  Every Day Carry, Defensive Tool

Cold Steel Best Pal
Cold Steel Best Pal Neck Knife, 43XL

Fourth choice is purely a self defense tool.  The Cold Steel Best Pal is a push knife set up for neck carry.  It can also easily be carried on a key ring or purse.  I vacillated between the Best Pal and the Safe Keeper series from Cold Steel.  In the end, I chose the Best Pal because it can neck carry.  A little bit smaller, a little bit lighter, but just as razor sharp. The great thing about these push knives is once in hand, they aren’t going to slip out or get pulled away by an attacker.  You grip the handle in your palm and the blade extends between your fingers, giving you one of the most secure grips on the knife you can possibly have.   These great knives fall well below the $50 threshold at just under $27.  So inexpensive, you can pick up several for every one of your loved ones.  Each one comes with the very sturdy Secure-Ex™ sheath and a black bead lanyard chain.

Best Use:  Self Defense

Fifth and final choice is the Boker Mini Slik.  This great little fixed blade knife is unique, small, and sturdy.  The blade is hefty enough to get some serious cutting done.  And it looks pretty cool.  Comes with a lanyard, blue titanium bead and Kydex sheath. 

Best Use:  Urban Tactical, Utility Knife

You can find any of these fixed blade knives on our website.  If you already have one, let me know what you think of yours down below.

  1. Gerber Prodigy
  2. KaBar EsKabar
  3. CRKT Obake
  4. Cold Steel Best Pal
  5. Boker Mini Slik

Microtech Knives Currahee — An Extraordinary Combat Knife

Microtech Curahee
Microtech Curahee Fixed Blade–An Extraordinary Combat Knife

Everyone knows Microtech Knives makes fantastic out the front automatic knives.  The Ultratech still stands as one of the greatest OTF knives on the market–and who doesn’t love the feel of a Combat Troodon in your hand.  But if you didn’t already know it, Microtech also makes some stellar fixed blade combat knives.

The Currahee is a full tang fixed blade designed for US Special Forces.  This knife has undergone some serious field tests and has come through with flying colors.  The name Currahee comes from the Cherokee and means, “Stands Alone”.

Different in style and design from many combat knives, this knife attempts to fill the role of serious utility knife in combat zones.  What do you really want a knife to do for you if you are deployed into a bad situation?  You want to be able to cut, hack and chop whatever you need to–and you want your knife to stand up to some serious abuse.  In reality, most combat troops will never use a knife in actual combat.  In fact, most of them will tell you that if it comes down to a knife fight, something has gone awry.  But, every single person who has worked in a combat zone will tell you that what they most need is a tool they can depend on to cut and chop and hack things.

The Currahee fits the bill.  The blade is currently (February 2014) being produced with Bohler ELMAX steel.  If you are looking at purchasing a Currahee, just make sure you know which steel it was made with–Microtech does change blade steels from time to time on their knives.  They always use high quality steels–but if you are expecting one type of steel and suddenly realize you have a different steel you may be disappointed.  The blade is 4.48″ long and 3/16″ thick.  This incredibly thick blade is one of the things that really makes the Currahee stand out.  It gives it the strength and durability to withstand serious use and abuse.  Available as a single edge drop point or a tanto point–I would pick up the tanto given the choice.  A tanto point gives the user a more durable tip that can better make heavy piercing cuts.

The Currahee handle is well shaped composite that has one major finger groove and two additional, shallow finger grooves.  The top end of the handle–the front quillon–juts out and creates a more than adequate finger guard to keep your hand from slipping up onto the blade when making thrust cuts.  Heavy jimping on the spine gives your thumb extra grip and control when making fine cuts.

If you are looking for a heavy duty knife that will perform in combat and survival situations–check out the Microtech Currahee.


  • Blade Length: 4.48”
  • Blade Thickness:  3/16″
  • Handle Thickness: .75”
  • Overall Length: 10”
  • Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
  • Weight: 9.88 oz.