ProTech Rockeye Auto with Damascus Blade

ProTech Rockeye Auto
ProTech Rockeye Auto with Damascus Blade and Bruce Shaw skull inset.

ProTech and Les George recently teamed up to create and produce the Rockeye knife series.  Just a couple of days ago, we received a couple of the LG162-D knives.  These automatic knives features the iconic look of the Rockeye with a couple of really special additions.  First, the blade is a Nichols stainless Damascus with a “topo map” style look.  And then the handle has a Bruce Shaw sterling silver skull inset.  With these two additions, a fantastic automatic knife just jumped up into the stratosphere for collectors.  Throw in the fact that only 35 of these were produced and each one bears the serial number on the back of the handle and you have a treasure.  Check out this great ProTech knife and many others over in our ProTech Knife section.