Microtech Crosshair Fixed Blade Knife Review

In this quick video, the Crosshair 101-1GR is reviewed. You can find all of our large stock of Microtech Crosshair Fixed Blade Knives on our website here. Enjoy the video.

Microtech Knives Currahee — An Extraordinary Combat Knife

Microtech Curahee
Microtech Curahee Fixed Blade–An Extraordinary Combat Knife

Everyone knows Microtech Knives makes fantastic out the front automatic knives.  The Ultratech still stands as one of the greatest OTF knives on the market–and who doesn’t love the feel of a Combat Troodon in your hand.  But if you didn’t already know it, Microtech also makes some stellar fixed blade combat knives.

The Currahee is a full tang fixed blade designed for US Special Forces.  This knife has undergone some serious field tests and has come through with flying colors.  The name Currahee comes from the Cherokee and means, “Stands Alone”.

Different in style and design from many combat knives, this knife attempts to fill the role of serious utility knife in combat zones.  What do you really want a knife to do for you if you are deployed into a bad situation?  You want to be able to cut, hack and chop whatever you need to–and you want your knife to stand up to some serious abuse.  In reality, most combat troops will never use a knife in actual combat.  In fact, most of them will tell you that if it comes down to a knife fight, something has gone awry.  But, every single person who has worked in a combat zone will tell you that what they most need is a tool they can depend on to cut and chop and hack things.

The Currahee fits the bill.  The blade is currently (February 2014) being produced with Bohler ELMAX steel.  If you are looking at purchasing a Currahee, just make sure you know which steel it was made with–Microtech does change blade steels from time to time on their knives.  They always use high quality steels–but if you are expecting one type of steel and suddenly realize you have a different steel you may be disappointed.  The blade is 4.48″ long and 3/16″ thick.  This incredibly thick blade is one of the things that really makes the Currahee stand out.  It gives it the strength and durability to withstand serious use and abuse.  Available as a single edge drop point or a tanto point–I would pick up the tanto given the choice.  A tanto point gives the user a more durable tip that can better make heavy piercing cuts.

The Currahee handle is well shaped composite that has one major finger groove and two additional, shallow finger grooves.  The top end of the handle–the front quillon–juts out and creates a more than adequate finger guard to keep your hand from slipping up onto the blade when making thrust cuts.  Heavy jimping on the spine gives your thumb extra grip and control when making fine cuts.

If you are looking for a heavy duty knife that will perform in combat and survival situations–check out the Microtech Currahee.


  • Blade Length: 4.48”
  • Blade Thickness:  3/16″
  • Handle Thickness: .75”
  • Overall Length: 10”
  • Sheath: Ballistic Nylon
  • Weight: 9.88 oz.

Microtech Mini UDT Automatic Knife Series

Microtech Mini U.D.T.
Microtech Mini U.D.T. side open automatic knife, model 155-1

While famous for their OTF auto knives like the Ultratech, Microtech has also made some spectacular side open automatics knives.  For instance, the UDT series are side open automatics that are built for heavy use–specifically although not exclusively for combat zones.

Currently in production, the Microtech Mini U.D.T. is the smallest side open you will find from them.  It has an aluminum handle with a rubberized inlay.  A solid, fast opening auto–the Mini is especially a favorite among those who like to EDC an automatic knife but don’t want to carry a beast.  With a closed length of 3 1/4″, the Mini UDT is perfect for pocket carry.  It doesn’t have a pocket clip–so you can carry it old school style in the bottom of your pocket or you can do what I do with mine–run a lanyard with a skull bead on the end through the lanyard hole and hang the bead out the edge of my pocket.  That way, the knife is easily accessed.  It works almost just like a pocket clip.

U.D.T. stands for Underwater Demolition Team.  The current crop of Mini UDT knives have ELMAX blade steel.  Elmax is a powder metallurgy stainless steel that many consider to be superior to S30V.  It is extremely tough and holds an edge very well.  If you haven’t checked out one of Microtech’s fantastic Mini UDT’s–you can find them here.


  • Overall Length: 5 5/8″
  • Blade Length: 2 3/8″
  • Handle Length: 3 1/4″
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces
  • Made in the USA

Microtech UTX-70’s Tanto are FINALLY BACK!!!!

MT149-10Ladies and gentlemen! We are pleased to announce that after waiting over 18 months, the Microtech UTX70 tanto has finally been reproduced! If you have been in the market for something compact yet extremely durable, you have to check out this Microtech UTX70!

MT149-12So far we have just 2 variations in stock–the MT 149-10 and the MT 149-12. Both knives offer the 2.375″ inch blade, mil-spec anodized black 6061 T6 aluminum handles and it all comes in at just 1.4 ounces. The only difference between the variations is a plain blade versus a fully serrated blade. The tanto blade style, as you know, offers superior puncturing abilities due to its reinforced tip, but no matter what blade style you choose, the Microtech UTX70 tanto will support you all the way.

For more information and links on how to get yours today along with FREE shipping, click here.


Microtech Zombie Ultratech’s have respawned at BladeOps!

The much anticipated re-release of the Microtech Zombie Ultratech’s have finally re-spawned onto our shelves. I know we are all familiar with Microtech Ultratech OTF knives, but the Zombie editions have been a superb top-seller and definitely hard to keep the shelves!

MT121-1ZThe first “wave” of Zombies to come down upon us are the 121-1Z, the 121-7Z and the 121-8Z–bear in mind these are all single-edged models. Like every current Ultratech, these come standard with the very popular and highly-reviewed ATS-34 blade steel. Microtech has recently been using this steel in recent batches and the specs are very similar to the 154CM tool steel commonly found on most high-end knives.

MT121-7ZThankfully these fantastic OTF knives still come equipped with traditional glass breaker and mil-spec aircraft aluminum handles scales but the best part about these “killer” Microtech OTF knives is the red blood splatter across the handle–each one being unique in its own right.

To learn more about the Microtech Zombie Ultratech 121-1Z, click here for more information. For the Microtech 121-7Z, click here and for the Microtech 121-8Z, click here……if you dare!

MT121-8ZWhether you want to add a surely unique Microtech Ultratech knife to your current collection or just plan on ruling the apocalyptic world in style, the Microtech Zombie Ultratech series is sure to turn heads.

Get yours before our stock has been exterminated……

Microtech Custom Knives

Microtech Custom Knives

We are a full service Microtech Authorized Retailer and carry a wide selection of Microtech Knives as well as Microtech Custom Knives.  These Custom Knives are true works of art sure to be a fantastic addition to any great collection.  Check out our Custom Microtech Knives and let us know what you think.  Our newest addition to the custom line is the Giant Halo which is absolutely awesome as well as several very nice custom Whale Sharks.  We even still have a couple of the custom Socom knives as well as several of the ADO knives that are always a hit.

Giant Halo Knife

This Microtech Giant Halo knife is amazing–check it out on our website.  Here’s the quick history.  Every couple of years or so, Microtech makes a Giant series of one of their knives.  This time around they decided to make the Giant Halo.  This is a fully working out the front knife that works just like the regular size version.  Watch for an upcoming video.