CRKT Moxie Assist Knife — Quick Review

CRKT Moxie Assist Knife
CRKT Moxie Assist Knife–a well built every day carry knife

The CRKT Moxie boasts the tagline, “An Honest Every Day Carry Folding Pocket Knife with Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t.”  So with that fairly strong endorsement from CRKT, I set out to give it a bit of a test.  Here is what I found.

The Moxie falls into the mid size class of pocket knife.  With a 3.29″ modified clip point blade, you have plenty of cutting edge to get every day jobs done.  The blade has a hollow grind edge–which gives you an extremely sharp edge.  On the flip side, it also calls for regular stropping for proper edge care.  No big deal, as long as you know the score.  The blade steel is 8Cr14MoV, which compares favorably to AUS 8.  Most people claim it is just a bit harder than AUS8 but not as hard as VG10 or S30V by a bit.  This means that the steel is going to keep an edge, as long as you touch it up on a regular basis.  How often is that?  The real question needs to be how often do you use your knife daily and what are you cutting with it?  For most people, a once or twice a month touch up on a honing stone is plenty.  Then there are people who use their knives all the time–like me.  I carried an AUS 8 blade for about 6 months and sharpened it about once a week, which I found to be plenty.

The handle on the Moxie is a beautiful thing.  Built with a steel InterFrame, the handle has plenty of strength.  The frame is topped with a hard layer and then a soft layer of injection molded material.  This gives you added firmness along with some serious gripping power along the full length of the handle.  It has a nice finger groove–where incidently you can find the liner lock as well as unique, long finger groove down the middle.  Near the butt of the handle, there is a third finger groove that flares back toward the spine a bit.  It gives your pinkie finger a great resting spot and really allows you to “choke” down on the handle and get a firm grip on the Moxie.  At the butt of the handle is a lanyard hole/slot that gives you an alternate carry option to the wide, spoon style, tip down pocket clip.

What you may not realize at first glance is the Moxie is a spring assist knife.  Built using the OutBurst opening system from CRKT, it also utilizes the patented Fire Safe release button.  The thumb stud actually depresses.  When you push it, it allows you to then start the blade.  This is when the OutBurst kicks in and opens the blade the rest of the way.  I really like this system and have been impressed with it’s durability and functionality.  It gives you an added layer of blade security that isn’t found in many assist knives.

Find your favorite CRKT Moxie here.  It is available in three different color schemes.  My assessment is that the Moxie really does give you everything you need–and not really anything you don’t.  With a price tag of under $50–you will be glad you got one.  Order one today and let me know what you think of yours.
Open 7.5″
Closed: 4.23″
Weight: 3.2 Ounces
Blade Length: 3.29″
Blade Steel: 8Cr14MoV Stainlesss
Finish: Black
Grind: Hollow
Style: Modified Clip Point, Plain Edge