ProTech Sprint Automatic Knife — Snapshot Review

Blue ProTech Sprint
Blue ProTech Sprint automatic knife

The ProTech Sprint auto knife has been delighting users for several years now.  Built with a Cali-Legal sized 1.94″ blade, the push button auto snaps open with serious authority. There are several things about the Sprint series that make the knife absolutely fantastic.  First, the 6061 T6 aluminum handle frame is thin.  By thin, I mean amazingly thin.  It measures just 3/8″ thick which makes it one of the slimmest auto knives you can find on the market.  Second, because it is a ProTech, it is built with some serious attention to detail.  The seams, edges and finish of this knife is extraordinary.  Third, the Sprint is fantastic because it gives you a knife blade you can depend on for serious every day cutting.  This will do more than just open your mail and the occasional package.  This knife is built tough enough to cut nearly whatever you need to cut. Check out the ProTech Sprint series of auto knives here.  And check out all our ProTech knives here.

ProTech Runt J4 Knife Review — Video Review

For the record, I’m biased.  I have a ProTech Runt J4 and it is one of my all time favorite small automatic knives.  And just so you can see how excellent it is, here is a quick video review for your viewing pleasure:

Black and Grey Jazz Knives from ProTech

Just released from ProTech are several of their knives with unique Black and Grey Jazz anodized aluminum handles.  I really like the look of these knives.  Here is a picture of the Doru 2019 with the special handles.

ProTech Doru 2019
ProTech Doru 2019 with Black and Grey Jazz handles

Check out all the models available on our ProTech page here.    If you have never owned a ProTech, you are missing out on a real treat.  These knives are USA produced with an attention to detail that puts them up in the elite.  The action on their auto knives is incredibly fast and lock up is always tight.  I have three ProTech knives myself–and have been impressed with each one of them.

ProTech Rockeye Auto with Damascus Blade

ProTech Rockeye Auto
ProTech Rockeye Auto with Damascus Blade and Bruce Shaw skull inset.

ProTech and Les George recently teamed up to create and produce the Rockeye knife series.  Just a couple of days ago, we received a couple of the LG162-D knives.  These automatic knives features the iconic look of the Rockeye with a couple of really special additions.  First, the blade is a Nichols stainless Damascus with a “topo map” style look.  And then the handle has a Bruce Shaw sterling silver skull inset.  With these two additions, a fantastic automatic knife just jumped up into the stratosphere for collectors.  Throw in the fact that only 35 of these were produced and each one bears the serial number on the back of the handle and you have a treasure.  Check out this great ProTech knife and many others over in our ProTech Knife section.

ProTech Tactical Response 3 with Carbon Fiber

ProTech TR3 Carbon Fiber Inlay
ProTech TR3 Carbon Fiber Inlay

The ProTech Tactical Response series are fantastic knives.  I have a TR2 with a desert sand handle that I carry about 4 or 5 days each month.  The TR3 line of knives just got a couple of very cool additions.  Just released are the TR3 with carbon fiber inlay on the top handle scale.  This modification takes an extremely functional and durable knife into the realm of uber stylish. This already great knife now looks like it would be at home in a penthouse suite or any boardroom.  Like all the knives in the TR3 series, it does have a lanyard hole at the base and also has a pocket clip for pocket carry.  This fast opening auto knife is ready for shipment.

ProTech Half Breed Auto Knife

ProTech Half Breed 3616
ProTech Half Breed 3616

If you have followed our blog for any amount of time, you probably already know I am a huge fan of ProTech knives.  These knives have fast action, tight lock up, quality materials, as well as some serious attention to detail in their construction.  Every knife I have ever seen from ProTech is done to perfection.  The newest line of knives is a combination of the Sprint Auto Knife and the Newport.  The Half Breed sports a handle from the Newport and a blade from the Sprint series.  This means that you have a larger handle with a CA legal blade.  A great combination for those of you who want an auto knife but have some serious local restrictions as to what you are allowed to every day carry.  Check out the Half Breed on our website and watch for more handle and blade variations to show up over the next few weeks.

ProTech Knives Arrived

ProTech Godfather Damascus Blade
ProTech Godfather Damascus Blade

We just had a bunch of ProTech knives show up.  If you have never owned a ProTech, I highly recommend them.  These auto knives are built out of the best of materials and have semi custom construction that is absolutely amazing.  I have three ProTech knives and have been impressed with each one.  I have one of the Jalepeno Runts–the 5405, the Tactical Response 1.30, as well as the Godson 702 with a black blade and carbon fiber inlay.  Check them out on our site — I am certain you will love whatever ProTech knife you choose.