Ontario RAT Model 1 Knife

Ontario RAT Model 1
Ontario RAT Model 1 Folder knife

If you’ve never had the chance to check out the Ontario RAT 1 folder knives, you are missing out.  Available with the standard 4 blade variations (satin or black finish, standard or combo edge), the knife has a stainless steel drop point blade that is perfect size (3.5″) for nearly any cutting that needs to be done.  The flat ground blade gives you a maximally sharp edge for serious slicing and cutting.  The handle is an open frame with textured black nylon scales.  The linerlock is solid.  And the RAT Model 1 comes with a true 4 way clip so the knife is equally good for whichever way you want to carry it (right/left, tip up/tip down).

The knife is a Randall’s Adventure and Training design that is built by Ontario Knives.  It is a workhorse of a knife that is durable, strong, and light on the wallet.  Check them out on our site here.

Ontario Rat 1 Knife Review — Blog Contest Entry

The Ontario Rat 1.
The Rat 1 made by Ontario, Is an amazing and beautifully simple knife. The Rat was the first quality knife I had ever purchased. So I was heart broken when one day I could not find it. So why was I heart broken? The Rat 1 is by far, one the best folding knife I have ever owned. I have owned Spyderco, S&W,SOG and many more. And it seems most of them did not met the simplicity and in expense of the Rat. This knife can be dropped, thrown, covered in sand and mud, and still never fail. I have complete confidence that this knife will never fail its user.
It was winter of 2011 and it was the most snow Virginia had in years. So me and my brother’s idea was to go shopping in a 1995 Ford Thunderbird. The snow was so bad my brother (the one driving) had to look out the window to see. After picking up some friends ,going to dinner and being warned by several people that we should not go out. We decided it was best to crash at one of there houses till the roads cleared. Almost to our destination the girl sitting in the front seat was yelling to my brother that there was a ditch coming up next to the road. With his head out the window and music blaring I can see why he did not slow down. Then it happened. There was suddenly a weightless feeling in the car,fallowed by a loud crash, and allot of pain in my head and ass. I made sure everyone was okay,and after getting answers from everyone we tried to get out of the car. The door was so dented that it did not open, and the driver side near the door was to close to the hill of dirt that surrounded us that his would not open. Trying to find a way out I knew we had to break the glass of the car. Pulling it out of my pocket and leaning over the girl to reach the window. I had to hit it three times before the glass broke. We crawled out the passenger side window. My brother using words that you would not likely say in front of your pastor. Freezing and trying to find a way to get out of the cold a man pulled up and got out of his car. Not I’m not sure if it was head trauma. But were all pretty sure a beer bottle rolled out of his car. But he was here to help us and likely our only ticket to a warm bed for a while. “I just bought this tow rope at the store today thinking someone was going to need it” The man said, and boy did we need it. Surprisingly the car was still somewhat driveable, minus the passenger window, bumper, and it was leaking all kids of fluids. Once the man dragged us out our fingers were so numb we could not untie the rope. So I had to cut the 2 ½ inch long rope that was just used to save us from freezing. After opening the blade, my hands were to numb I dropped the knife. It landed tip down on the hard pavement. I cringed when it hit the ground, Quickly I snatched it up and cut the rope. It went through like butter. Afterwords I tried to hand the man money as a way of saying thanks, and to pay for the rope. He refused to take it. We shook each others freezing hands and went on our way. Finally in a warm house I cleaned off the snow and ice from my knife. After examining it, I found nothing wrong with the handle or the tip of the blade from dropping it and using it to free ourselves from the car. So if you are looking for a great quality,low cost knife that will last you forever. Look no further! Invest in a Ontario Rat 1.