The Most Valuable Tool — Blog Contest Entry

The Most Valuable Tool


I am driven to achieve goals I both set and expect to meet. Why and how I do this is usually determined by the pure soul that drives me day in and day out. What drives me is reason, purpose, logic, experience, and what keeps me entertained. Knives both symbolize and match each and every category in one way or another. Whether it be helping someone out or keeping myself safe, knives both achieve and excel. Here is why.


A knife is an instrument for cutting, consisting essentially of a thin, sharp-edged, metal blade fitted with a handle. Now that definition clearly states what a knife is but does not mention exactly what the cutting task is or may be. The task needed to be achieved can both save and help you daily life; the same task any other thing is supposed to do. Now the question asks if there is anything that can match or pass up the useful and essential instrument I both carry and use today. I say no.


I carry a knife almost every day in order to both protect and aid my self-being. The carrying of the knife puts me ahead of the game when it comes to competition among us. Example: Man comes to area to both harm and hurt my family and my friends. A normal person panics and fails to clear the course for a family to escape. While that group of people is killed I strive to save myself and the people around me by both stopping and helping the situation. I first call the police to alert authorities. After, I take cover with my peers at my side. If the intruder makes any more strives to hurt or harm me I pull my knife. I successfully puncture the thug with limited damage and no fatality. I do not want to hurt of harm the criminal any more than needed. I could have pulled a bottle of spray or any other self defense tool from myself but when not readily at my side as my knife achieves my only goal; the goal to keep safe myself and the people around me.


In more practical and common uses my knife is just as successful as I both achieve tasks to help myself along with those at my side. Whether it is cutting open a box or preparing food for the buddies around me, my knife moves me forward. To move forward is get better and in order to get better I strive to have the most efficient and useful tools at my side. This main goal of moving forward is properly achieved through the extremely reliable and important tool of the knife. Not only is it reliable but it is both cheap and easily maintained to the majority of the Earth. This is same Earth that fails to consistently be both safe and smart while being unprepared in large amounts. Now I question you and any other reader to properly and safely equip yourself with a knife today that might end up being the most useful tool you ever had. Thank you.




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