TOPS Knives Hoffman Lite Hunter

The TOPS Knives Hoffman Lite Hunter is one of my new favorite “emergency” knives.  Made form 154CM stainless steel, the blade has a very useful drop point shape to it that makes it perfect for outdoor activities.  This knife can be used as a mini skinner knife, it can be used for nearly any cutting or small chopping jobs, and it is a great all around knife.  The knife is light and easy to carry and it is small enough that it is going to fit nearly anywhere I stow it.  This is a perfect knife for a small Bug Out Bag or emergency kit you have ready for who knows what may come situations.  For me, having one of these TOPS knives or even one of the ESEE knives is imperative in an emergency kit.  If you aren’t in love with the Hoffman Lite Hunter, a few other good choices for an emergency kit would be the TOPS Idaho Arrowhead or the ESEE Izula knife.  I like all three of these for that purpose.


O/A Length: 5 7/8″
Cutting Edge: 2 3/16″
Thickness: 1/8″
Steel: 154cm RC 58
Heat Treat: Paul Bos
Blade Color: Stone Wash
Sheath: Top Grain Leather

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