Wise Food Storage

Wise Food Storage

BladeOps is now carrying Wise Food Storage products.  I know it is a little off the beaten path for a knife site–and don’t worry, our main focus will always be knives.  We just realized there was a fantastic product out there, that dovetailed well with many of our customers–who believe in being prepared.  Who doesn’t want to be prepared?  Many of the people who buy knives from us are buying them to use for their emergency kits, their go bags, or as utility tools for everyday use.  After seeing a decade of unprecedented natural disasters here in the US, we thought it would be smart of us to offer you a product that will help put your mind at ease.

Here is an example.  One of us has a friend that lives back in the “Sandy” zone.  They were fairly well prepared.  They had food and other emergency supplies.  After a week of no electricity and no heat, a few things are being realized.  That when things go bad in a hurry, you will want to have enough food to keep you and your family going for an extended period of time.  This friend had some emergency food, but after a week of no shopping, their emergency supplies are beginning to run a bit low.  Here are some things they suggested that any prudent person should have:

  1. A month or more worth of food for the entire household as well as a bit to share.
  2. Heat source that doesn’t rely on gas or electricity
  3. A big box of baby wipes–to keep hands and faces clean.

Of course this isn’t a complete list of things that you would want in case of a natural disaster–that depends on you, your family, and your needs.  But these are some things they realized they needed–feel free to add anything you think should be on everyone’s emergency list in the comments below.  And, if you need some great food, that can be stored for 25 years in a very small space, and will keep you going when you need it most, consider stocking up on some of our delicious Wise Food Storage products.



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